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723 South Valley Way

Palmer, AK 99645

Phone: (907) 746-7668

Fax: (907) 745-7882




Benefits of Membership

Donors, through their generous monetary support, help the Palmer Museum of History & Art continue to carry out its mission. We offer our thanks through special benefits. You can choose the type of membership that fits you best,  become a member right now, and we'll send you a bill through the mail for your chosen donation amount.


 Radish Level  

Radishes may be the littlest vegetable in the garden, but they have a big bite! As a Radish, you'll receive our newsletter informing you of upcoming events and exciting changes at the Palmer Museum. Radishes are also eligible for discounted tuition at our workshops, and you'll be listed as a contributor in our annual report.

Individual Radish: $15 and above

Senior or Student Radish: $10 and above



Turnip Level 

Families can donate to the Palmer Museum as Turnips, and get all the benefits of Radish Donors, but for the whole family!

Turnip Family: $25 and above



Cabbage Level   Cabbage Level Members are the real giants at the Palmer Museum. Become a Cabbage, and you're a member of the Palmer Museum of History & Art for life!

Lifetime Cabbage: $200 and above



Businesses and Other Organizations

The Palmer Museum also welcomes businesses and other organizations (such as other non-profits) to become members. We also welcome reciprocal membership with other non-profits; please contact us to choose this option.

Business: $100 and above

Other organization: $75 and above


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